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Another Planned Parenthood Video Released

“There were times when they would just take what they wanted.”

In the latest video released by the Center for Medical Progress, a young woman who used to work inside Planned Parenthood clinics describes the horrifying procedures used by the clinic to fill orders for “specimen” from unborn babies. She describes how each day in the clinic would begin with an analysis of the “opportunities” for retrieving various parts that day with little to no regard for the women carrying those children.

This video, like the others, is sickening.

There is no question that profiting from the body parts of aborted babies is ethically or morally wrong. We must make sure it is also clearly against the law.

Please sign our petition to ask the NC Legislature and Governor McCrory to take immediate action to permanently and explicitly ban the sale of body parts of unborn children. We must take action right now to protect these innocent lives.

If you have already signed and shared the petition, please take the next step and call your representatives in the NC House and Senate and urge them to pass a law that will make it very clear that North Carolina will not tolerate trafficking the body parts of unborn babies.

Please take action today! We must help these unborn children!